Core Team

CTF operates virtually with a small team of members who live in different parts of the U.S.

Ebony Ross

 Initiative Director


Ebony is a capacity builder who partners with social justice leaders, organizers, and movement builders to provide thought partnership, leadership development, and organizational development strategies that connect heart, vision, and strategy. Before joining the Conflict Transformation Fund to lead as the Director, Ebony was Co-Director for the Transforming Power Fund, a Detroit-based social justice fund committed to transformative systems change. She has spent two decades working collaboratively to support and build beloved communities that address gender and racial inequities and health disparities, while also creating and facilitating communities of practice, fellowships, and cohorts that provide learning resources, strategies for resilience, love, and connection.

Rena Meyers-Dahlkamp

Program Manager


Rena has organized and lobbied on a wide range of peace and justice issues, locally and internationally. She holds a masters degree in Conflict Transformation from the SIT Graduate Institute and is a certified community mediator. Rena is honored to be part of the CTF team, managing the daily operations and getting to witness up close the power that is possible when organizations work with conflict as a generative force in these critical times. Rena participated in the Justice Funders’ Harmony Initiative which is committed to being a partner and guide for philanthropy in reimagining practices that advance a thriving and just world. Rena is an active adult ally in the youth-led movement for climate justice and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is Ohlone land. She finds tremendous joy in her parenting of three inspiring young people.

Andrea L. Hernandez, Ph.D.

Partnerships Consultant


Andrea (Annie) is a social entrepreneur with experience in social change, innovating and organizing in the public and nonprofit sector. Annie previously served as CTF’s Interim Director and now works to cultivate partnerships for CTF. Annie is the President of Growing Giving, LLC where she serves as a strategic advisor to a mix of intergenerational families, foundations, and philanthropic initiatives. Annie serves on the board for the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and Learning to Give. She and her husband, George Rodriguez, are founding members of the Los Angeles Latino Giving Circle of the Latino Community Foundation. Social change efforts Annie has led and supported have been shared in the New York Times, nationally and locally televised, and published in field articles and books. Before joining CTF, Annie served as the executive director for the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation and led the development of Youth Philanthropy Connect. She is a certified 21/64 trainer and is trained in the Immunity to Change personal conflict transformation framework.

Jason Franklin, Ph.D.

Partnerships Consultant


Jason is the President of Ktisis Capital through which he serves as a strategic advisor to a mix of progressive individual donors, families, foundations and philanthropic collaboratives. He also serves as the W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy. As holder of the nation’s first endowed chair focused on community philanthropy, he engages in research, teaching, service, and thought leadership to explore and advance the field, nationally and internationally. He serves as board chair of the Proteus Fund; co-founder and chair of the Solidaire Donor Network; chair of the Michigan Alliance, and treasurer of the Threshold Foundation. He is a member of the Smithsonian’s Philanthropy Working Group, Our LGBT Fund at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and Threshold’s High Impact Documentary Funding Circle. Prior to his appointment as the Kellogg Chair, he served as Executive Director of Bolder Giving, an organization that inspired people to give big & take more risks with their philanthropy and was credited by Melinda Gates as an inspiration for the billionaire Giving Pledge. 

Yolanda Hippensteele

Programs Consultant


Yolanda is a leading strategist, convener, communicator, organizer, and grant-maker for initiatives in the fields of democracy, media, culture, and social justice. She supports CTF’s program and communications work, including research, partnerships, grantmaking strategy, and communications. Alongside her work with CTF, Yolanda works as a consultant to other organizations in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors to design and implement visionary programs for transformative social change. Earlier in her career, Yolanda held leadership roles at Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG), Media Democracy Fund, and Free Press; she has also held staff positions with media outlets and arts networks, get-out-the-vote campaigns, and a women’s rights lobbying firm. Yolanda lives in Oakland, California with her partner and young daughter.


Sally Wright



In 2014, Sally spent time in Rwanda investigating its post-genocidal recovery and was inspired by the passionate commitment of the Rwandans she met who had to work creatively with the complexities of reconciliation. Upon returning home, she was not content to resume her life as a retired entrepreneur. Instead, she liquidated assets that she inherited, realizing that she wanted to see the money activate change while she was alive. She moved into action, struck by what she saw as a tremendous need for better conflict skills in the United States, and established the Conflict Transformation Fund in 2016. Prior to entering philanthropy, Sally was drawn to entrepreneurial ventures and worked in USC’s School of Business where she created an award-winning program for executives. Sally calls the San Francisco Bay Area her home.

Laura Loescher

Founding Director


Laura served as the founding Director of CTF from 2016-2019. Laura has spent the last 20 years supporting visionary leaders to bring their ideas into action. She has been on the founding teams for more than a dozen philanthropic endeavors including Kindle Project, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative, Changemakers, Aepoch Fund and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. In her roles as coach, facilitator, advisor, board member, and executive director Laura has navigated many types of conflict and has seen its contribution to both dysfunction and positive transformation. Laura currently provides leadership coaching and philanthropic advising to a range of non-profit leaders, individual donors, and family foundations.

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