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Seeking an Initiative Director

Partial to Full Time Position & Location Flexible


The Conflict Transformation Fund (CTF) is a new project that strengthens conflict literacy in progressive movements through research, grantmaking, and philanthropic organizing. We believe that progressive movements will be more effective and more resilient if we  invest in the skills, tools, and supports that leaders and organizations need to ensure that conflicts are generative rather than destructive. We are connecting and collaborating with other funders who share the commitment to building healthier, more effective and resilient movements. 

We recognize that building conflict literacy in progressive movements is an ongoing effort and see CTF’s efforts as an infusion of new capital to expand this work and cultivate new approaches. CTF launched its grantmaking program in 2016 and intends to invest a total of over $2.5 million in grants and programming through 2022 from start-up resources contributed by CTF’s founding donor. While we started as a project funded by a single donor, we are now pivoting to develop CTF into a multi-year, multi-funder field-building initiative. In the process, we are formalizing our structure, deepening our engagement, and inviting partnership and collaboration from other funders. 

The current CTF team consists of a group of highly experienced, part-time consultants with deep roots in philanthropy and progressive movements. Current team members will be available to continue to support the work of CTF as desired by the new Director. As a team, we are collaborative and generally solve challenges together. We have a positive, low-ego, low-drama work culture, and are committed to working authentically and creatively with conflicts that arise. 

Explore our site for more information about our founding story, mission, grant partners and team.


We are excited to engage an Initiative Director to lead our shift from a single-donor startup project to a multi-funder field-building initiative! 

As the Initiative Director, you will have the opportunity to develop, clearly articulate, and implement CTF’s vision to support resilient progressive movements through conflict literacy.

Vision & Leadership

  • Create and/or strengthen the strategic activities and goals of CTF.
  • Work  collaboratively with the Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee (to be developed), and consulting team to carry out CTF’s work and provide leadership that honors conflict as opportunity.

Grantmaking & Field Building

  • Build and maintain expertise in the field, including monitoring trends in progressive movement capacity building and strategic or transformational responses to conflict.
  • Track, assess, and prioritize opportunities and potential grantees to build the field of conflict literacy for progressive movements.
  • Oversee the grantmaking process and portfolio. 
  • Facilitate the creation of spaces and opportunities for grant partners to share strategies, insights, and innovative approaches for advancing conflict literacy. 

Funder Education & Fundraising 

  • Cultivate relationships and engage funders and practitioners in this field-building initiative.  
  • Oversee development and implementation of educational offerings (workshops, webinars, publications, etc) for a funder audience that help teach funders to embrace conflict literacy as essential to leadership and capacity building, and to support their grant partners through conflict. 
  • Actively research and identify donor prospects, meet with potential funders, and lead the development of grant proposals and reports. 
  • Represent CTF to the public, press, philanthropic leaders, and other key stakeholders in alignment with CTF values. 


  • Oversee the development and maintenance  of communications materials, including CTF’s website and a newsletter.

Management & Team Building

  • Manage part-time consultants as needed to support CTF’s work.
  • Cultivate and nurture a strong culture of participatory management, collaboration, learning, and innovation across the team. 
  • Provide consistent, clear communication to engender trust and promote transparency.
  • Provide operational oversight for CTF including, but not limited to, existing and future contracts and CTF’s fiscal sponsor for finances/budgeting and HR systems, as needed.


For this stage in CTF’s journey, we are looking for a creative leader with deep curiosity about how to take our work to the next level, strong relationship-building and communication skills, authentic interest in listening to and learning from diverse groups of thought partners, and the ability to establish trust with a diverse set of stakeholders. To align with CTF’s mission and values, we are looking for someone with a deep connection and commitment to social justice movements.

While no one person will possess all the qualifications listed below, the ideal person for this position will embody many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:

  • Passionate about and experienced in leadership development, organizational development, and/or conflict literacy.
  • Firsthand experience or deep understanding of developing and implementing an effective and respectful grantmaking strategy.
  • Firsthand experience or deep understanding of developing and implementing robust fund development and funder engagement efforts.
  • Broad knowledge and relationships in progressive movements and/or funding communities in the U.S.
  • Experience establishing meaningful collaborations with and between relevant partners and coalitions.
  • Demonstrated success in start-up settings including creating strategies, programs, infrastructure, and innovation, without a clear or pre-existing template for success.
  • Organizational acumen with experience managing talent and budgets, strategic planning, projects, communications, etc.
  • Professional experience, training, or degree aligned with CTF’s mission.  
  • Ability to work efficiently and collaboratively in a remote, virtual setting.


Our priority for this position is to find the right fit, and we can be flexible on details such as hours, position structure, and location. We desire a candidate who can commit 30-40 hours per week to this work. Funding for the next two years of operating expenses has already been secured. Compensation for this position will be commensurate with experience, hours, and position structure, with a likely salary range of $90,000 – $125,000 as a full-time, salaried staff position. If structured as a staff position, the salary would be accompanied by a full benefits package including health insurance, vacation, and sick leave. Alternatively, this position, if less than full-time, could potentially be structured as a consulting contract with a higher pay range to account for lack of benefits. 

The Initiative Director will report to CTF’s three-person Steering Committee. We have a virtual workplace, which gives us a lot of flexibility. This role can be conducted from anywhere in the U.S. Most of the virtual team is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  CTF is deeply committed to maintaining a sustainable and family-friendly work culture, where team members are supported to bring their full selves.  

At CTF, we have an intersectional analysis and believe that building multiracial, cross-class movements is non-negotiable. We are actively working to build a diverse team. People of color, people from low income and working class backgrounds, LGBTQ+ community members, and differently abled people are strongly encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


We will review applications as they are submitted and will accept applications until the position is filled. We hope our new Initiative Director can begin work with CTF by mid-February 2020. We posted this position on October 24, 2019, and as of December 19, 2019, we have moved into our second round of interviews. The posting will be removed when the position is no longer open.

To apply, please send an email to ​​ with the following information:

  • Current resume/CV or website
  • Cover letter that tells us about your interest in the position and how your previous experience contributes to your ability to engage progressive movements and those that support them in addressing conflict
  • In addition, feel free to attach a sample of your writing (two pages or less)

Thank you!