What are your attitudes and beliefs about conflict?

What if conflict didn't have to derail our momentum?

Imagine the possibilities when conflict is a generative force...

Is your movement ready for more effective tools to transform conflict?

How can we build relationships of true collaboration and trust?

Promoting Conflict Literacy
for Progressive Movements

We need movements resilient enough to navigate the inevitable conflicts that arise when diverse people and perspectives come together to take on the daunting work of ushering in a better future.

We Need Resilient Movements

Progressive movements play a pivotal role in generating the energy and collective power needed to fulfill vital social, economic, racial, and environmental justice goals. In order to meet these goals, we must build bridges, look for common ground, and revel in points of connection as we turn together toward the challenges facing us.

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Conflict Literacy Offers a Path

Conflict literacy begins with seeing conflict as an opportunity for growth and positive change. By learning new concepts and practicing new skills we can integrate the tools we need to work successfully with conflict.  In addition, increased conflict literacy leads to increased resiliency.

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Change Often Requires Conflict

Conflict is often a key ingredient in changing anything — from individual attitudes to systems-wide political, social, and cultural norms. Working skillfully with conflict has the potential to transform the way we see the world, ourselves, and others. What are the Core Competencies of Conflict Literacy?

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Through funding, research and philanthropic organizing, the Conflict Transformation Fund seeks to empower progressive movement organizations with the tools, skills, inspiration and agency to transform conflicts.


We support organizations and initiatives that expand conflict literacy in progressive organizations and movements. Learn about the courageous work we support through our grantmaking program.


Ready to build your conflict skills? Here are some resources to help you continue your conflict literacy learning journey.

Conflict is the only opportunity for positive change. Because otherwise, you have spaces, status quo, static energy going nowhere. Everything is moving unchanged because nobody challenges the system. Conflict presents an opportunity for something positive to occur.

Kalani Souza

Olohana Foundation

Core Competencies of Conflict Literacy