We believe that transforming conflict is the key to
our collective liberation.

At Conflict Transformation Fund, we aim to use our access to wealth and reach to explicitly and specifically resource
Black, Indigenous, People of Color doing doing conflict literacy and restorative justice work. 

What We Do & Why

We are committed to decolonizing conflict while dismantling white supremacist standards of how we hold and move through conflict. We celebrate what is possible through prioritizing relationships and care.

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Resource Redistribution

We see grantmaking as a way of redistributing — however much we can — the unequal wealth held by those who can afford to give it back. We approach our work as acts of repair, reparations and wild imagination.

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Wisdom for the Journey

We are creating a space where people welcome themselves in to learn and unlearn, love, build, release, heal, work and be seen, while engaging with conflict generatively and holistically.

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