What We Do & Why

CTF is a short-term philanthropic initiative with a long-term vision. We are committed to decolonizing conflict through dismantling white supremacist standards of how we hold and move through conflict while prioritizing relationships and care. 

As CTF, these commitments are embedded in our programs: Primarily, redistribution of wealth and resources (grantmaking); and hosting and co-creating learning communities (fellowships and workshops). We see this work as acts of repair, reparations, and wild imagination.

CTF connects and collaborates with funders, nonprofit, and social justice organizations who share our commitment of building healthy, equitable, and resourced movements; and who believe that conflict literacy is a critical component to our collective liberation.

We know that the philanthropic and non-profit industries are but a response to the racialized capitalism upon which this country was founded. Thus, with the resources available to us, we are working towards transformation within and also beyond these containers — knowing that true success occurs when these containers are made obsolete.

This is why we affirm our commitment to funding and building primarily with the communities that have been at the frontlines of conflict transformation and healing justice work — from millennia ago until now — namely, Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

CTF is committed to redistributing 100% of its resources to funding BIPOC-led organizations.