Resource Redistribution

We see grantmaking as a way of redistributing — however much we can — the unequal wealth held by those who can afford to give it back. 

CTF is grateful to partner with individuals and organizations within the philanthropic space who see resource redistribution, aligned with our vision, as acts of repair, reparations and wild imagination.


CTF believes that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have the ancestral protection and wisdom, conflict literacy, survival strategies, and resilience to continue to survive and thrive — we know this to be true because BIPOC are still here.  

CTF’s forthcoming Co-Creation Lab will provide a community of praxis for Black participants, in partnership with CTF, to build a Pro-Black space where Black people are listened to and trusted; a place where their skills, gifts, and experience are respected and valued. 

Members of the lab will be invited to share and co-create conflict literacy offerings aligned with the Indigenous practices of their ancestors and that are responsive to the alternatives that our communities are yearning for to heal and remain in relationship. 

Co-Creation Lab participation is by invitation only.


Between 2017 and 2020, we made grants to progressive organizations exploring conflict and creating materials for movements and future generations which are included in our Resource List. Some of the work supported includes:

  • “Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook” through Movement Strategy Center
  • The Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute and adrienne maree brown’s “kitchen table mediation” work
  • Generative Somatics’ teachers training
  • Training for Change’s online tools