Ebony Ross – Executive Director

Ebony (she, her, hers) is a capacity builder who partners with social justice leaders, organizers, and movement builders to provide thought partnership, leadership development, and organizational development strategies that connect heart, vision, and strategy.

Before joining the Conflict Transformation Fund to lead as the Director, Ebony was Co-Director for the Transforming Power Fund, a Detroit-based social justice fund committed to transformative systems change. She has spent two decades working collaboratively to support and build beloved communities that address gender and racial inequities and health disparities, while also creating and facilitating communities of practice, fellowships, and cohorts that provide learning resources, strategies for resilience, love, and connection.

Andrea Hernandez Rodriguez, PhD – Partnerships Consultant

Andrea (Annie) (she, her, they) has dedicated the past 20 years to working with and for organizations that strengthen communities and grow collective liberation. Dr. Hernandez cultivates strategy and partnership for CTF. She is the President of Growing Giving, LLC  that creates intentional intergenerational spaces to free the abundance and joy of people involved in and impacted by philanthropy.  She does this work to create systems of compassion and collective care for healing. 

In addition to conflict transformation, Andrea focuses on social justice youth and international giving, liberating governance, and personal transformation and healing. She serves on the national boards for the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and Learning to Give, along with being a founding member of the Los Angeles Latino Giving Circle. Annie and her husband find meaning and inspiration in nature and live on traditional lands of the Spokane people with their young child and dog.