Sally Wright

Sally Wright –

In 2014, Sally spent time in Rwanda investigating its post-genocidal recovery and was inspired by the passionate commitment of the Rwandans she met who had to work creatively with the complexities of reconciliation. Upon returning home, she was not content to resume her life as a retired entrepreneur. Instead, she liquidated assets that she inherited, realizing that she wanted to see the money activate change while she was alive. She moved into action, struck by what she saw as a tremendous need for better conflict skills in the United States, and established the Conflict Transformation Fund in 2016.

Prior to entering philanthropy, Sally was drawn to entrepreneurial ventures and worked in USC’s School of Business where she created an award-winning program for executives. Sally calls the San Francisco Bay Area her home.

Laura Loescher –
Founding Director

Laura served as the founding Director of CTF from 2016-2019. Laura has spent the last 20 years supporting visionary leaders to bring their ideas into action. She has been on the founding teams for more than a dozen philanthropic endeavors including Kindle Project, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative, Changemakers, Aepoch Fund and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy.

In her roles as coach, facilitator, advisor, board member, and executive director Laura has navigated many types of conflict and has seen its contribution to both dysfunction and positive transformation. Laura currently provides leadership coaching and philanthropic advising to a range of non-profit leaders, individual donors, and family foundations.